Cece's cast comes off


Things are going to be OK.

Wrong end, kid

Cece inspects her new brace.
That's the wrong end, kiddo.

The cast cutter thingy

The instrument that cuts open the cast makes a lot of noise.
It is a cross between a Dremmel saw, an electric toothbrush and a vacuum cleaner.
It has a 120 degree saw-blade that vibrates back-and-forth rather than round-and-round so there is no chance of hurting the patient as the cast is cut.
The noise scares most kids. Cece was gooving on it.
Strange kid.
(No Cece, you can't have a Harley for your birthday.)

The cast opener thingy

This tool is a cross between pliers and a nutcracker operating in reverse.

Much better

Cece's first moments as a free woman.

Hey Doc, now that I have your attention...
... let's discuss those last six weeks

Cece having a chat (Sicilian-style) with Dr Kanel.