The Petruzzella-Kerns Zepplin Works

Petruzzella-Kerns Zepplin Works

Mother Nicki at B-day minus 3

One each beaming mother

Madona, eat your heart out
Mother Nicki and Cece at about 2 hours

It doesn't get any cuter than this...

One happy daddy
Father Donald and Cece, day 3.

How did Mrs. P learn the Dilbert victory dance?

How did Mrs. P. learn the engineer's victory dance?
Tony and Anna, Nicki's parents.
The tee-shirts read "Now I have everything, now I'm going to be a grandma/pa" in Italian.

Donald's parents offering support

A cool couple awaiting the big event
Dona (with an enya) and Carrol.

Itty bitty: An operational definition

Do rosies have toesies?
Donald's index finger and Cece's toes

Pappa bear having fun

Poppa bear
This isn't my dad having fun, really. He's doing quality control on the crib...