Cece's First Father's Day
Roaring Camp to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Daddy's Girl
She's a daddy's girl all right
The blue harness she is wearing (that looks like a thick pair of suspenders) is a "Rhino Kicker." It is a heavy duty form of a Pavlik harness that she was wearing to treat her Hip Dysplacia.
They come in 4 sizes
Little, Medium, Large, and Extra Large... Now THAT'S a prime mover...

A really good picture of Nicki and my Dad on the train
Interesting people you meet

Cece's first merry-go-round ride...
and she slept through it

Nicki at the Boardwalk

Fun for ALL ages...
Mom on her high horse

Cece's furry older sister wants some too...
Cece's furry sister