Firsts and Lasts

Cece's First Visit to an Amusement Park

Cece in the Bulgie the Whale ride at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

I guess it is fair to say that she is having a "whale of a time."

Near to Cece's Last Day in the Crib

Cece monkeying around in the crib

Well, we were at our 2 year old "well baby" check up with the doctor
and we asked "How soon should we move to a bed?"
Cece had been jumping up and down in the crib and had figured out how to
climb into it.
With great authority, the doctor informed us that Cece already knew
how to get out, but just hadn't decided to.

We moved her into a bed that night.

First, um, you get the picture

Cece on the potty

We've started "that process."
Wish us well!