In Cece's Tribe

This page is dedicated to Cece's many friends in the neighborhood.

They've adopted her into their group.

I find it quite touching that they spend time doing her hair and getting her dressed "just so"
because they want her to look "really cute" when she goes out.

The star of the show

Cece posed in a statlette position in front of a light

Neighbor Heather playing with Cece

Cece and Heather - Heather's face covered with colorful stickers

Heather seems to have the new Californian disease...
... the "funky chicken" pox
(Heather is a vaguely willing victim)


Cece with face painted in rainbows and Myesha our nanny

Myesha is our nanny.

(She's also a geek in training looking for a technical support or web page creation job.
Don't worry, she's better at artistic web layout than Daddy is.)

Please email and offer her a job

Tribal face painting

Cece in red and blue face paint

Well, she is a little young to start with lip stick, don't you think?

Although she did just get her first and second toenail polish a couple of days ago.

"I'm eating my toes!"

More members of the tribe

A horde of girls doing Cece's hair - Kaylene, Celeste, Myesha and Cece

From left to right we have Kaylene, Celeste, Myesha and Cece

See what I mean about them doing the hair?