It's a hard life...

Outfits from our friends at GTE
(Thanks Carol, et al)

Hey, I'm this cute ALL the time...

It's just my color!

My Mommy warned me about guys like you
We've got to stop meeting like this

(My Pal Al toy from Lorraine Carson)

Cece's first parade

There's an, um, interesting story on this one...
Anyhow, one of Nicki's friends told her that there was going to be a parade and that Nicki should come on down and watch. So, Nicki decided it was a good time for Cece to see her first parade. Well, we get there a bit late, but find a spot along the curb pretty quickly. Within 30 seconds along comes Nicki's friend and invites us (Nicki, Donald and Cece) to march along with them. What the heck, sounds like fun, RIGHT?
So, that's how my entire family wound up marching in the Santa Cruz Gay Pride parade.
So much for marching first and asking questions later...

Cece makes a friend

This is Alli, the niece of one of Nicki's friends.

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