Mama, what is that big black thing that makes noise?

Can I play too?

Cece reaching up to play the piano
She does this several times a day, but it took us weeks to catch her at it.

Typical day at the Kerns household

Nicki and Cece playing the piano
Can you identify these Kerns household items?

The key

blacked out
  1. Mommy's comfortable bathrobe. (You didn't think Cece lets us get dressed did you?)
  2. Moving box. (Yes, we're still slowing unpacking from the move.)
  3. A Tom Clancy book. (David Eddings and David Weber are also common (in our spare moments))
  4. A party hat left over from Cece's birthday.
  5. A graduate text in operations research (Sleep? What's that?)
  6. Toy
  7. Donald's stockinged foot. (He is an expert at shooting his foot)
  8. A big bear doll/pillow from Christmas.
  9. Another party hat.
  10. A big toy box.
  11. The Easter song singing and dancing duck doll. (Cece's favorite. We bought 3 so she wouldn't be heartbroken in case one stopped working.)