Cece's Second Halloween

Gee, these things are as big as I am

Cece in with a bunch of pumkins on our front porch

Looking for a costume...

Cece trying on a collander to see if it would make a good costume

Humm, I could be a Viking or a Martian

...still looking

Cece with a red bucket covering her entire head

Cynical version: I could be a typical software manager...
Nice version: This might work as part of a robot costume...

At last a costume that suits me to a tee...

Cece dressed as a Monarch butterfly

Yet another fine Mommy creation.

The wings had literally dozens of pieces that Mommy
had to cut out and sew by hand. The custom also had the required antennae.

Mommy and Daddy? They dressed as butterfly collectors with great big nets, of course.