Random pictures from about the time of the move

Is Cece Channeling for Groucho Marx?

Cece in high chair, really messy doing the Groucho thing with a biter bisket
The word of the day is DUCK! Heh,heh,heh...

Cece's room on Taylor Lane

Cece's room at Taylor Lane
Truly a labor of love.
The walls were painted blue by parishners of St. Andrew's in Ben Lomond
Nicki hand-painted the Rubber Ducky song
And the first thing the new owner did was paint over it.

Cece helps us move

Cece looking up and into a box
That's what it looks like to the layperson, but to the illuminated, Cece is actually engaging in the time honored art of Transmogrifier Engineering.

Opps, the "cat's" out of the bag!

Cece at the mouth of a sleeping bag
Post cast (Monday), post move (Wednesday), post move-in (Sunday)