Pictures from Nonna

(That's Grandma in Italian)

It was the best of times...

Peacefully sleeping roughly 1 hour out of every two... 7/24

It was the worst of times...

Actively crying about 1/2 hour out of every 2... 7/24

Two extra things to notice:
  1. The red and white suspenders aren't just a new California fashion. Cece was born with Congenital Hip Dysplacia, a complication of being breech. The suspenders are actually a "Pavlik Harness" that she will be wearing for 6 weeks to 6 months as her hip sockets get a chance to develop normally. Everyone who has seen her thinks that it makes her look a bit like a hamster. (We think she is much cuter though...)
  2. Hiding in the back of the bassinet is a unique giraffe doll. This doll was hand made by one of Donald's mother's cousins. Close up the doll is just darling (and I don't use that term very often). It just radiates love and positive energy. Perhaps we'll get a close up later...

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