Cece's first surgery

Cecelia was born with Congenital Hip Dysplacia (diagnosed by Dr Elizabeth Baskerville at age 6 days). In layperson's terms, her hip balls are not seating in her hip sockets. More specifically her hip sockets just barely exist and they need medical help to grow.

She spent the first three months of her life in a Pavlik harness. First two months in a generic one, then the last month in a "Rhino Kicker."
Her current orthopedic surgeon is Dr Jeffery Kanel. The anesthesiologist was Dr Vasil.
The first surgery she has undergone was a "hip reduction."

Getting her ready

We're in a hospital. She is a patient. She has to have a smock. It is tradional.

First she was given a vapor-style general anethesia and then a IV line was hooked-up. Once she relaxed the surgeon attempted to put her hip balls into position probably using manual manipulation. This didn't work, so he then cut a tendon in either thigh through a tiny incision on either side of her groin. This gave him some more slack to work with. He was then able to put the balls into the proper position.
She was placed in a toe to chest length cast to immobilize the bones so that the sockets would grow normally.

Worried, upset and scared

Mommy showing the lower half of the cast
She had just come back from the CAT scan and we were waiting for the surgeon to tell us the news. (Cece was really out of it at this point...)

A bit better look at the cast

Full cast another look
We weren't really focusing on capturing this as a documentary at the moment...

Heartbreaking toes

Little bitty toes surrounded by pink cast
She did look good in pink...

If everything went well, she would be in that cast for 6 weeks and another one for about the same period.

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough socket to hold the ball in place. Even with the cast, in the hour between the operating room and the CAT scan (to verify position) the bones had repositioned themselves.
At that point, the surgeon ordered the cast removed and we went home.

Most cases (about 95% according to the literature) are completely cured using the Pavlik harness. Most of the rest are cured using this "closed reduction" procedure. So please do not let our experiences scare you. Cece is a bit of a "hard case"

It seems that Cece has inherited yet another Kerns characteristic... She can be a bit "bullheaded" at strange times...