Fixing Cece's hips, part 2
The people

The main hero, Dr Kanel

Dr Kanel waving at the camera
Dr Kanel was the surgeon and Dr Vasil was the anesthesiologist (sp?).

The Denton Brothers

The Denton Brothers from San Jose's First Baptist Church
This is a barber shop quartette from San Jose's First Baptist Church. They were visiting Alison, the girl staying in the room next door. Nicki invited them over so they sang a song for Cece too. The guy in the lower right hand corner was doing "the wave" with his eyebrows (yup, for real, we have the video tape). It was a very welcome surprise.

Cece, medicated out of her mind, listening to the Denton Brothers

Cece listening to the choir


Cece REALLY doesn't like the pain meds
The oral pain medication is a Tylenol/Codeine mix. According to Cece it tastes just awful. Actually getting her to take it is probably the singularly most traumatic act for Daddy.

Donald's Mom, Cece and Dr Vasil

Dr Vasil, My Mom and Cece
This is just after the epidural was disconnected, sometime in the mid to late afternoon on the second day. Cece is starting to show some of her old personality.

Barbara Meinart, Super Nurse

Barbra Meinart, fantastic nurse, and our consolation prize
Oh boy, where do I start for Barbra. Resourceful, smart, good sense of humor... Every nurse on every shift had tried to get our call button to work. Barbra fixed it on the first try. She also was able to scare up a car seat when the hospital swore that they didn't have any. Major kudos to Barbra.

About the procedure and the mechanics of the hospital stay