Out and About with the County's Cutest Little Girl

Cece's First Harley

Cece with strange woman in black leather riding a Harley
Cece and unknown woman at the Felton Memorial Day Parade

Cece Ducks Out

Cece with strange duck not in black leather
Cece and the Omega Nu Ducky Derby Duck

Beach Blanket Burrito

Cece in bathtub burrito mode, all wrapped up in a towel
Daddy thinks Cece is most cute when fresh out of the water wrapped up in a big fluffy towel.
(This is the pool at the Bear Creek Country Club)

Getting into the swing of things

Cece in playground swing
I don't remember where this was, but I do remember it was really cold.

Visiting Cousin Rosie

Crazy Cousin Rosie and Cece
Cece visits Nicki's "Crazy" Cousin Rosie. (Nicki also has a "Crazy" Auntie Rosie too.)
I don't know why. It's probably genetic...
Rosie made our wedding cake (and retired from cake making soon after.)