Adventures in the Park

Our Little Rose

Cece posed on a lawn under trees with her hat one
I don't know why this one reminds me of Titanic, but it does...

Cece in the I'm Flying pose on the Titanic
OK, that's better ;-)

Heather and Cece

We can get

Heather smiling Or Cece smiling
Heather and Cece with Heather smiling Heather and Cece with Cece smiling
But not both...
Heather is a charter member of the local Cece fan club.

The Tube

Cece with Kaylene in a cool yellow and red tube
Daddy just likes this image. Cece's helper is Kaylene, another member of the fan club.

She actually studies to drive us Bonkers!

Cece at Chris's house reading a Bonkers article
After a hard day at the park, Cece visited Aunt Chris.
Aunt Chris provided subversive literature...
Naughty Auntie Chris...

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