Snow comes for a visit

Yes, we get snow about once every 10 years...

Winter fairyland style picture taken from our front porch

February 12, 2001 about 5:45 Daddy awakens to the sound of the
Uninterruptable Power Supply screaming that the power was off.

He sleeply shuts down the computer and the UPS and wonders into the kitchen.

And sees about an inch of snow in the back yard...

What Daddy saw at 6:00 am...

About an inch of snow covering our back yard

Needless to say everyone else was awake by 6:15 am.

(Snow usually doesn't last very long and Daddy wanted to make
sure that everyone got a chance to play)

Daddy? I'm not too sure about this stuff

Cece in makeshift snow clothing looking really lost in one inch of snow on our back deck

Cece was a real trooper.

Everyone turned out

A good set of the neighborhood in our front yard

The entire neighborhood was out in the snow.
The fact that we couldn't get out of our small area helped.
Nicki got to call work as "snowed in" which caused her bosses much laughter.
Donald also wasn't able to get to school.

On a slightly darker note, our heater is propane, but the blower is electric.
We didn't have electricity or heat for over three days.

(5000 Watts of Honda generator are sitting in the garage awaiting installation as I type.)