Fancy baby's arrival gif

Hi all!

At last I have a moment to post my story! Thankfully it's not too dramatic .

Sunday, March 28 I was singing a solo in church when I had a big B-H and at the same time the baby kicked me! I turned white and the choir conductor asked me if I was in labor. I said no and kept right on going, the show must go on, right? The PMS-like pains kept up all day and night. Silly me thought I did too much housework and strained a muscle or something (maybe my BRAIN?)

Monday the pains kept up--I was cleaning house for my DH's business meeting and I thought I pushed the vacuum cleaner too hard. We saw "Analyze This" that night and I was sitting on the edge of my seat with my upper body draped over the seat in front of me. Dang, these pains just won't quit!

Tuesday we got to the hospital at 6 AM and settled in. After being hooked up to the monitors, my husband Donald peeked at the monitor's paper strip and said, "Uh, I'm no expert at reading this, but it looks like your backaches are 8 minutes apart! I was in labor!

Okay, so now we discovered I've been in labor for two days, contractions are eight minutes apart, and I said, "Gee, this is what labor is all about? This is nothing! It doesn't even hurt!" Needless to say, every woman in the room just cracked up; they knew what it felt like to have contractions two minutes apart!

My parents, sister and in-laws showed up and turned the place into a party. I finally got some peace and quiet when I was wheeled into the OR. The doc had given me an antacid to settle my tummy during the operation. It tasted like the worst vintage of sour Kool-Aid I'd ever drunk! It settled me, all right--I threw it all up as soon as we entered the OR.

Anaesthesiologist gave me a spinal block; no big deal. He kept talking to me and increasing the dosage as I got more verbose; guess that's how they tell you're not out of it enough. LOL! My DH was right there with me, giving me a play-by-play:

Him--Omigosh! There's a foot! Omigosh! There's another foot and all the legs! Look (yeah, like I can just sit right up and take a peek through the drape hung in front of me), there's a little butt!

Me--Is it a girl's butt? Is our baby still a girl?

Thirty seconds later our beautiful daughter was born. I felt no tugging, pulling or any pressure whatsoever, so I had no sense that the baby jsut delivered was mine. She gave three calm cries from the other end of the room, got cleaned up, and was brought over to us. I asked the nurse to give Cecelia to Donald first; I'd had her all this time and now it was time for him to hold her. He looked into her little face and fell in love. I fell in love with him all over again at that moment! They turned the baby's face to me and her eyes were wide open and staring right into mine as if to say, "Aha! So that's the face that goes with my mommy's voice! Hi, mommy!" Then she closed her eyes and went to sleep. I was worried that she hadn't cried that much but she has been a calm baby ever since, so that was just her nature, I guess.

I am so happy!