Cece's First Christmas

Looky what WE found under the tree

Cute Cece behind a ball surrounded by wrapped gifts

With a little help from the Nan-parents

Tony, Anna and Cece opening a package
Nicki's family, Tony, Anna, Dan, and Geraldine joined us for Christmas Day

Cindy and Cece

Cindy and Cece in Flybaby
This is Nicki's cousin Cindy from Switzerland. She wanted to learn more English so here parents flew her to spend a couple of months in California (oh darn!).
She helped us take care of the little one during the move and the Christmas season.
The red outfit is a gift from our good friend Linda Deese. She was our realtor when we bought Taylor Lane. She moved to San Diego. Next time we buy a new house, we'll fly her back up...
(See Linda, the "Cece" name DID make it on to the outfit...)
Closeup showing Cece's name on the outfit

Daddy Bear

Cece and Daddy playing with the bear doll
Donald's family, Carrol, Dona, and Heather joined us the day after Christmas.
The big bear doll is Cece's favorite playtime back rest.

In her Christmas morning finest

Cece in her Christmas dress with locket
Cece in her special Christmas dress and with a special locket and necklace from Daddy.